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Man’s Search for Meaning

Man’s search for meaning was 1st printed in 1946. Victor Frankl was a leading psychologist in Vienna when he was arrested for being a Jew during the Nazi regime. He survived the Holocaust and used his experiences to write this book. Then he propounded the theory that it is Man’s constant search for meaning. It allows him to survive even the most brutal, the most degrading situations in his life. He aforementioned there are only 2 races in the world, the decent and indecent.

They will continue their innate beliefs, no matter on which side they are. The good ones will attempt to help the fellow persons and also the indecent ones are going to be self-seeking and serve themselves at the value to the others. Frankl’s views were different from those of the leading psychologist of his times, Freud and Adler. His research was intensely personal and unique. His findings of human behavior were based on the most extenuating circumstances that humans face. He suffered holocaust along with several other inmates and observed their behavior closely. He found that those with a capability to specialize in love were those that survived.

Also, His companion spoke about his wife. This made Frankl think about his wife and the thought of her took his mind away from his current agony of being hit with rifle butts by his captors for dawdling. The book is in 10 most influential books. It has a message of hope & way out that has continued to inspire, readers, all these years.

About the author:

Victor Emile Frankl, a successful neurologist, and psychologist dedicated to saving people from suicidal depression. Born into a Jewish family because of which prosecuted by the Nazi regime after they took over Austria. And banished to Nazi Theresienstadt Ghetto along with his family in 1942. He continued to practice as a Psychologist there and continued to treat people with depression. Then, He was sent to Auschwitz in 1944 where he spent several months before they were liberated in 1945 & he also watched his family die in concentration camps.

Then he worked at the Vienna Polyclinic for Neurology. Also, He lectured extensively and conducted seminars all over the world. He lectured at the University of Vienna and Harvard. He died of heart failure in 1997.

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