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  • Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Avon; Latest edition (30 November 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0008102147
  • ISBN-13: 978-0008102142
  • Product Dimensions: 2.3 x 12.7 x 19.6 cm


Also, The Secret Wife
A Russian grand duchess and an English journalist.
Linked by one of the world’s greatest mysteries.
Love. Guilt. Heartbreak.
Russia is on the brink of collapse and also the Romanov family faces a terrifyingly unsure future. Grand Duchess Tatiana has fallen infatuated with cavalry officer Dmitri, however, events take a harmful flip, putting their romance – and their lives – at risk.

. . 2016
Kitty Fisher escapes to her great-grandfather’s remote cabin in America when a devastating revelation makes her fly London.
So, on the sides of Lake Akanabee, she finds the amazingly jeweled pendant that will lead her to a thousand years buried a family secret. . .
So Horror, moving and amazingly written, The Secret Wife effortlessly crosses centuries, as past merges together with the present in a story of love that is totally unforgettable, loss, and resilience.


‘Amazingly researched and beautifully written, this undying story will keep a tight hold on your heartstrings until the final page’ Iona Grey

‘A smartly crafted novel and a fascinating story: the brokenheartedness real, the research brilliant. Also, I love the way the present narrative throws light on the past story so that the transitions are smooth. A triumph.’ Dinah Jefferies

‘A marvelous story: gripping, romantic and evocative of a turbulent and fascinating time’ Lulu Taylor

‘This was just magical. And, At the last line, tears rolled down my cheeks. Also, Highly recommended.’ Louise Beech

‘A heart-warming affirmation of the tenaciousness of human love’ Liz Trenow

‘Gill Paul has crafted a beautiful book. The passages set in Russia in 1914 are therefore richly described and researched that I felt as if I was living in the pages myself.
I adored it.’ Amanda Jennings


‘This is an intriguing and involving book that explores a very fascinating amount in time during a clever and extremely pleasant manner. Also, I was hooked into both timelines from the start.’ Joanna Courtney, author of The Chosen Queen and also the Constant Queen ‘A stunning and moving story fantastically and movingly told.
I read it in just two sittings . . . I enjoyed every page’ John Julius Norwich
‘Gill Paul has clearly done her analysis during this engrossing story that smartly blends imagination with historical truth.  ‘A marvelous moving adventure, full of vivid color and atmospheric detail. If you loved POLDARK you’ll love this!’ Lulu Taylor
‘Like vanity fair crossed with POLDARK… beautiful epic’ Claudia Carroll

‘A terrific story, full of romance and atmospheric detail – a great escapist read’ Liz Trenow

Book Description
Love. Guilt. Heartbreak.
From the Back Cover
Love. Guilt. Heartbreak.
. .

So, Kitty Fisher escapes to her great-grandfather’s remote cabin in America, after a devastating revelation makes her flee London. Therefore, on the shores of Lake Akanabee, she discovers the spectacular jeweled pendant that will lead her to a long-buried family secret . . . Haunting, moving and fantastically written, The Secret Wife effortlessly crosses centuries. Also, as past merges with the present in an unforgettable story of love, loss, and resilience.

About the Author

Gill Paul is a Scottish-born, London based writer of historical fiction and non-fiction. Also, Her novels include Women and Children First (2012), which was shortlisted for an RNA award. The Affair (2013) and No Place for a lady (2015), that was shortlisted for a Love Stories Award. Also, Her non-fiction includes A History of Medicine in 50 Objects (2016), World War I Love Stories (2014) and Royal Love Stories (2015). Gill has written about relationships for a number of newspapers and magazines and has an occasionally successful sideline in matchmaking. And, She swims year-round in an outdoor pond.

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