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  • Paperback: 236 pages
  • Publisher: Om Books International (15 March 2017)
  • Language: English
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  • ISBN-13: 978-9386410023
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Who Killed Osho

Who Killed Osho – The major question aroused that Osho really died a natural death or it was a myth?

Or were there other forces at play?
27 years after Osho’s death, investigatory journalist Abhay Vaidya reveals surprising details of the case that he tracked for nearly 3 decades.

Osho’s death on nineteenth January 1990 triggered intense factional fights and intrigue among his nearest followers for the control of the funds, intellectual properties and other profitable assets of the Movement.

Who Killed Osho? not only captures the history of the Movement, however but is also additionally the definitive account so far of Osho’s death which of his soulmate, Nirvano. Throwing contemporary light on the disputed circumstances of their deaths, this book makes a case for investigations into the affairs of the Osho trusts as they exist nowadays.”

About the Author

Abhay Vaidya is an independent journalist based in Pune. He has worked previously as The Times of India’s Washington Correspondent. The newspaper’s Assistant Resident Editor and as DNA’s Resident Editor.


I have no words to express this books. It’s thoroughly researched. The author was involved in the Osho movement as a journalist for a long time. Also, he interviewed many close disciples of Osho for this book. Also, the facts are presented in a very objective manner without any sentimentality. He has gone to great depths like interviewing the doctor who signed the Osho’s death certificate and gets the facts straight. Without this work, we would have never known the truth.

The presented evidence and the author have also advised for an SIT probe into Osho’s death. Therefore, It’s not the murder of Osho that matters as much as the destruction of ashram and samadhi.

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